Where one mixes creativity
and technology, rich innovation
can occur.

Where one mixes creativity and technology, rich innovation can occur.

The Primary Technical College brings primary schools and industry together, in The Innovation Room to
Play, Teach, and Create

About the Primary Technical College®

The Primary Technical College is supporting schools and their children by offering up to one-week long, project-based sessions dealing with real problems in the world of STEAM. Schools would sign up to take part in a specific project that would be based at The Innovation Room. The PTC would be open across the 38 week academic year and host up to 3 school groups of 30 per week. This would equate to 38% of the primary schools in Cumbria.

How the Primary Technical College® will benefit pupils

Overcoming the increasingly challenging barriers to accessing education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) with the longest tail of positive impact in the skills arena Development of a knowledge-rich curriculum that broadens the minds and horizons of all children.

  • The children have a lived STEAM experience from curriculum to front line delivery
  • The children learn more as a result of this curriculum
  • Access to impactful, innovative and STEAM-skilled ambassadors


Enriching the PTC curriculum

The equipment and technology could be used extensively across the projects to encourage innovation in problem solving as the technology would not likely be accessible to the children in their home environment.

Teacher CPD

As part of each project, each piece of equipment and technology would come with free CPD for the visiting school staff to enhance their understanding of the ‘art of the possible’ within their home school curriculum.

Showcasing the tech company products for schools

The equipment would be available for the year and the innovation room would be opened up to all schools on experience days when it wasn’t being used by the PTC. The installation also covers classroom furniture and learning environment design. It would be a free installation to those companies who wish to ‘donate’ their equipment and through year-round use and experience may result in sales.

Wider community use

Building on the previous ‘Fab Lab’ principle, the installation would be available to the community in the evenings and out of term time.
At the end of that year, the installations would be replaced with the next generation of equipment so that each visitor experience is ‘current’.


For further information about the Primary Technical College,
please email info@primarytechnical.college

Play, Teach, Create